High Low

Skills: Art Direction, Branding, Print & Packaging
Client: High Low Pop-up Bars

High Low Pop-up Bars Branding by Trevor Corbin Design

High Low Pop-up Bars is a Seattle-based drink service start-up. They delight their customers with coffee cocktail and coffee pour over pop-up bars. They wanted their brand to be “light, bright, and juicy” with a Wes Andersen/The Life Aquatic influence. Using Illustrator, I took multiple concepts from sketches to high-def mockups and finally to the finished logo and brand identity.

High Low Pop-up Bars Business Cards by Trevor Corbin Design

These social media cards started as sketches and were then designed in Illustrator using all the High Low brand elements, color palette, and font palette. Spot UV was used on front and back to highlight important elements and add a touch of textile quality.

High Low Pop-up Bars Sign by Trevor Corbin Design

I created this A-frame sidewalk sign using Adobe Illustrator. The sign really needed to help draw people in from the street—I used the yellow to help the most important bits of info pop right out at you.

High Low Pop-up Bars Menu by Trevor Corbin Design

This menu concept showing a 2 page layered menu bolted to a repurposed wood backing was designed using Illustrator and Photoshop.